Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Comfy and Cute

Sometimes it is really hard for me to throw together a cute outfit. It is something that definitely does not come naturally to me so everyday I work on it and "study" it. I feel like my time is very consumed on everything else like school and work and my kitties :) to the point where putting together a savvy outfit is a tedious task. In addition to that challenge I am slightly limited on what I can wear due to my body shaped and the big one.... Living in Texas. My favorite "look" at the moment is lots and lots of layers and the Texas heat is not very forgiving. Even in the early weeks of March it was getting too hot to even wear an undertank with my tops. But alas, I am not one for spending much time outdoors so I will survive the walk to and from my car to get where I am going.

This outfit started with a few more layers but by the time I got down three flights of stairs from my apartment to the wooded area behind us I started taking it off. *Cue sexy dance music*... but really it was more like sweatily peeling layers off of me. Sorry if that's TMI.

On to the look!

yay purple hair

Top: $6 H&M
Skirt: $5 Thrifted but it is XXI brand
Boots: $20 Payless
Key Necklace: $7 XXI
Belt: $10 Papaya

Total Outfit: $48

Lesson Learned - Dress comfortably

"The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.  ~Mark Twain"

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