Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vintage Business Casual

Over the past few weeks I have been reading and learning a lot of new things about fashion and beauty. A few of my favorite blogs and inspiration are:

Sunday Crossbow
The Beauty Department
All Women Stalk
Makeup Bee
Sincerely Jules

Sweater(Yes this one again :)): $15 Target
Blouse: $8 Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: $6 H&M
Pants: $5 Effie's Heart (I got them on special at a fashion exhibit at SXSW
Belt: $4 Thrift Store
Flats: $10 Payless...
SO OLD, I really need new ones.

Total Outfit: $48

On another note. I just got a new purse pictured above from JCPenny's for $35 and I absolutely love it. Target has a TON of really cute purses on clearance right now as well for $30 and less. 

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