Saturday, August 25, 2012

She's a Power Girl in the 90's World

I finally decided to bite the bullet and pay to get my hair done. Talk about a mistake. I originally decided that I'd go to a "top of the line" salon here in the Dallas area in order to get my hair colored without doing too much damage. Normally, I do my own dye jobs but I thought paying the extra would help keep some life in my hair. My hair is completely fried, but at least the color looks neat right? :) Oh, and the back was supposed to be a red/orange/yellow ombre, but it wound up just a red dip dye. Oh wells.
New Hair

On to the goods!

Peach Lace Shorts: $20 XXI
Guns N Roses Top: $3 Buffalo Exchange (Men's Medium top i DIYed)
Belt: $8 Hot Topic Clearance
Buckle: $4 Thrift find
Bow: $1.50 XXI (for 2)
Boots: ?? Macy's 2010 Clearance

Total Outfit: $36 (minus the boots)

Lesson Learned: Do your hair at home :)

What trending hair colors are you digging ATM?

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